Is Wrapped BTC Worth Investing?

Wrapped Bitcoin is a digital token with the same value as one Bitcoin but is based on ERC-20, making it usable on the Decentralised Finance ecosystem. Bitcoin and Ethereum are cryptocurrencies that run on blockchains. Now, different blockchains have different functions, features, and protocols. Because of this difference, they cannot […]

What’s Team and Roadmap of Hello Gopher, a NFT Game on Harmony

Because the lead developers of Hello Gophere love the concept of wolf game, they decide to develop their own version of that game. Therefore, Hello Gophor is born. In Hello Gopher players can stake their NFT to earn daily yield rewards or steal antother player’s NFT and impose tax on […]

DeFi Kingdoms, the First Gamified Investment Platform on Harmony Blockchain

Every time describing the situation of certain blockchain game, we always mention their transaction volume and amount. But have you ever thought why? Why should we refer to the statistics of transaction number and turnovers to analazy the overall performance of game? This is because a player in a dapp […]

Can BitDAO Be Compatible With ThunderCore?

BitDAO There is an interesting DAO that just appeared in 2021, BitDAO. BitDAO is a DAO controlled by BIT token holders. It is not a company and has no management team or employees. Any individual, development team or R&D lab can propose upgrades, token trading and partnerships for BitDAO. The […]

Having a New Chain Game That Can Be Run on ThunderCore?

Intro Farmers World is an NFTs farming game running on the WAX blockchain platform, in which players take the role of farmers and build their own farms by exploring, developing and purchasing lands with appropriate props, and enjoy the job and experience in agricultural ecosystem world. The main resource in […]

What is Acorn Finance Acorn Finance Demo (Formerly Headway)

Acorn FinanceThe low-fees, minimal-slippage decentralized exchange on ThunderCore that you’ve all been waiting for. What is Acorn Finance Inspired by Curve Finance and Belt, Acorn Finance is an exchange designed to deliver stablecoin trades with the best rates.Stablecoins are an important asset class in the world of Defi. However, users […]

ThunderPunks the 1st NFT’s on Thundercore Network

Thunderpunks have just Launched! Thundercore officially announces 1st NFT Collection 10000 to be minted 9000TT cost to mint a ThunderPunk The marketplace will open as soon as all of the Thunderpunks are minted Giveaways weeklyWhat are ThunderPunks ? ThunderPunks are inspired collectibles, on the Thundercore mainnet. Only 10,000 made, all […]

Top 9 Crypto Games and Metaverses by User Number in December

Blockchain games have been on the rise this year. Tons of great projects popped up across the industry, while pre-existing ones received additional support and enlarged player bases. The crypto gaming sphere is experiencing great change, and its evolution is plainly visible for all to see. As 2021 draws to […]

ThunderCore (TT) Explained: Will this Blockchain overtake Ethereum?

What is Thundercore? ThunderCore (TT) is a high-performance smart contract platform which allows for the running of decentralized applications (Dapps) and Decentralized Finance (DeFi). Thundercore promises low fees and compatibility with any app written for the popular Ethereum Platform. The underlying currency on Thundercore Network is TT, which is used as a transfer of value […]

Overview of ThunderCore Ecosystem

Infratructure, Analytics, Wallets, Exchange & Liquidity, CrossChain, DeFi, Streaming, NFT & Games, Gambling, Stablecoins Introduction ThunderCore — is a PoS blockchain, compatible with EVM. The main feature is 4000+ TPS and own multicurrency mobile wallet with a large user base and built-in DApps browser. ThunderCore raised funds during IEO on the […]