Having a New Chain Game That Can Be Run on ThunderCore?


Farmers World is an NFTs farming game running on the WAX blockchain platform, in which players take the role of farmers and build their own farms by exploring, developing and purchasing lands with appropriate props, and enjoy the job and experience in agricultural ecosystem world.

The main resource in Farmers World are woods, food and tokens. Players can acquire tokens through farm development and working. The obtained tokens can be processed into new tools and continue to be put into production; the surplus part can be sold in the market, realizing “play to earn”.

The steps of play

  1. Register

Sign up a WAX cloud wallet account via email. After that, purchase WAX first that can be withdrew to the wallet.

  • Purchase NFT

Prior to palying game, players must have their own tools, such as axes, fishing rods, etc. The tools can be purchased or transferred between players.

Different tools have different costs, functions, and benefits.

The properties and prices of various tool NFTs are shown on the Farmersworld Collection market. The production ratio of different tools varies. If the game continues to be popular and more new players engage in the game, sometimes NFT will increase greatly.

A bold assumption

We can put forward a suggestion boldly-can people play this game on ThunderCoren? I believe it can not. And the reason is that Farmer World is built on the basis of WAX blockchain with which ThunderCore is different.  

What is the ThunderCore (TT) What is it used for?

The ThunderCore (also known was ThunderToken or TT) is the native cryptocurrency of the ThunderCore network. Analogous to ETH on the Ethereum network, ThunderToken is used for paying gas fees and value transfers.

The team comprises of engineers, scientists and entrepreneurs. They previously worked in publishing academic papers relating to Bitcoin and smart contracts. They are also the founding members of the Initiative for Cryptocurrency and Contracts (IC3).


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