ThunderCore Dapps Released on Trust Wallet and Free Thunder Tokens

We’re announcing two exciting things today: Eight new ThunderCore dapps will be available for Trust Wallet users. We’re giving away 50 Free Thunder Tokens to Trust Wallet users. ThunderCore Dapps for Trust Wallet Users Today there will 8 ThunderCore dapps available for Trust Wallet users. So, quickly read this blog post, then […]

DeFi on Alternative Blockchains Differs Radically from Ethereum

Decentralized finance, or DeFi, is one of the most transparent forms of modern finance with immediate oversight of the total value locked. Whether collateralized lending or automated trading pairs, the number of assets in each DeFi protocol can be traced, verified, and evaluated for trends. The total value locked in […]

Yield Ops — A Next-generation Liquidity Mining Program on Thundercore

Initial Pools 💧 The initial pools on Yield Ops are: YO-TT LP token: YO/TT pair FRSK-TT LP token: FRSK/TT pair USDT-TT LP token: USDT/TT pair RISER-TT LP token: RISER/TT pair NICER-TT LP token: NICER/TT pair SET-TT LP token: SET/TT pair The YO-TT pool yields the highest rewards out of all of them. How does it work? 🤔Everytime that thundercore has a new block […]

10 Blockchain games with the most users

Blockchain games offer gamers an exciting way to participate in the decentralized world whilst at the same time earning money through the Play-2-Earn system installed within most Blockchain games. Currently, the blockchain games category contains 703 dapps or approx 20% of the total dapps tracked by DappRadar. N.B Prospectors is […]