What’s Team and Roadmap of Hello Gopher, a NFT Game on Harmony

Because the lead developers of Hello Gophere love the concept of wolf game, they decide to develop their own version of that game. Therefore, Hello Gophor is born. In Hello Gopher players can stake their NFT to earn daily yield rewards or steal antother player’s NFT and impose tax on their rewards based on the rarity of their NFT.

What’s the motivation of developers creating Hello Gophers?

Professor Degen, the Lead Developer for Hello Gophers, said that he bought his first Bitcoin in late December 2016 from a platform called Coinjar and it’s the beginning of his crypto journey. It was until 2017 that he joined a crypto asset management company that was quite famous at the time which participate in a lot of high profile crypto projects such as Biance (euity round), VeChain, IPFS, Polkadot, etc. When realizing that he was able to create application with his code, he felt empowered and then he pushed himself into learning programming.

In 2020, Professor Degen noticed something different, there are real applications that are leveraging blockchain technology. DeFi apps like uniswap, Curve and Yearn prove that DAPP is more than just a vague term and that there are real life applications that can leverage the technology of smart contracts. He saw the potential of smart contracts and started working on more projects in this industry. Professor Degen’s team wanted to build an on-chain version where all the land and resources are stored on the blockchain. Ideally, they could build an immersive version of the Metaverse. Then they found out about wolfgame. They liked the concept so much that they wanted to create their own version and merge it with their previous roadmap.

This is about the reason why developers decided to start Hello Gophers.   

What’s the plan of developers team?

Hello Gopher’s main goal now is to launch the game without any issues. That’s why projects are before launch. Currently, Hello Gopher is in the 0.5 stage of the roadmap, which is community building. The next stage will be minting, staking and token issuance. The money from minting NFTs will provide liquidity to token $SHARD and expand the technical team for land and battle gameplay.

In land games, players who own land can farm for resources and lease their land to other players to farm for resources and tax them. Players can also conquer other lands and steal their resources, which is pretty cool.

The Hello Gopher team also has plans to develop its own DeFi application and integrate it into its own game in the future. And this will be discussed further within the team.

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